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Description et caractéristiques techniques :

A new design for a new generation

● A new generation of Fill-One, featuring new functions, and a new look

Never, ever open the door sooner

● Fitted with a manometer that also works as an end of cycle indicator
● No more machine air pressure, pigment charge or paint viscosity after sales issues
● No more sales lost due to cleaning operation

Quieter than ever

● New silencers make FO + 2 decibels quieter than the first generation

Make your requirements a reality !

● Now compatible with neck-in aerosols

Technical specifications

● Height : 377 mm / 14.84 in
● Weight : 4,450kg
● To be connected to an air connection or a
compressor : 0,7 Mpa / 7 bar /
100 psi <P < 0,9 Mpa / 9 bar / 130 psi
● Suitable for pre-charged aerosol up to 400ml
to be filled-in with 100ml of paint product maxi

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